Cancellation policy:

Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance will result in a 150 fee sent via a payment processor that works for you.


To schedule any date that is 4 hours or longer requires a deposit of 25% of the donation amount. If a cancellation is made for that date, the deposit then become the cancellation fee.

Donations for the southeast

1 hour/400

90 mins/600

2 hours/800

3 hours/1200

4 hours/1600 *must include at least 2-3 hours of "going out" time

6 hours/2k *must include at least 3-4 hours of "going out" time

overnight/3k *12 hours and must include at least some sleep time

Greek/100 extra

Roleplay/100 extra

*These are the donations for: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

Donations for the west

1 hour/550

90 mins/780

2 hours/900

3 hours/1400

4 hours/1800 *must include at least 2-3 hours of "going out" time

6 hours/2200 *must include at least 3-4 hours of "going out" time

overnight/3200 *12 hours and must include at  least some sleep time


*These are the donations for: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, sAN DIEGO, San francisco, Salt lake city, Seattle, Boston, NYC and Chicago.

If you're unsure where your city falls for donations, you are welcome to inquire if interested in booking.


Donation: Please place your donation in an envelope and do not discuss it.

Hygiene: I am extremely hygienic, so I expect the same of you. Please freshen up in the bathroom once you arrive or before I arrive. Either by washing your hands and/or by showering.

NOTE: I need a 24 hour notice to meet!

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